This is the information that accompanied my two presentations to Pedagoo London on 2 March 2013. The event was a grass-roots un-conference run by teachers for our own professional development. It brought together a group of about 200 practitioners from all over the United Kingdom for a day of workshops and an evening Teachmeet.

Organised by the heroic Helene O’Shea, the event was one of the most powerful experiences of professional learning and collaboration I’ve experienced. This was as much due to the spirit of optimism that accompanies these events, which are free to attend and for which no-one is paid, as it was due to the excellence in practice and pedagogy evident in the presentations themselves.

The first attachment, associated with my day presentation, consists largely of samples of work by students on my Edutronic.Net blogs (there’s a nice video montage of students presenting about halfway in) – but if you’d like to watch a shorter presentation where I expand on the blogging process itself, I recommend having a look at my presentation to Teachmeet BETT 2013 (or just take a look at the blogs themselves).

This second attachment is from the evening “Teachmeet” on the subject of Authenticity in teaching, you can read more of my thoughts on this here