Excuse this moment of geekery, but I simply couldn’t find this information anywhere online, and it would have saved me a lot of grief should I have – so I thought I should do the right thing and plug the gap.

If you’re working with wordpress multisite on a legacy mac running Mac OS Server 10.5.x you will be needing to activate permalinks, which involves the need to generate a .htaccess file in your servers home directory. Unfortunately this process can be very challenging if you are not fluent in the UNIX Command Line

The answer to this tech challenge is so easy it’s laughable: Instead of following the many complex posts google brings up when you search, you actually do not have to edit files in the unix command line at all.

You can enable apache to load a .htaccess file in your server’s home directory via the Server Admin programme:

Open: Server Admin
Click: Web
Select: Options
Select: Allow All Overrides

This will cause the web service to look for additional configuration files inside the web content folder – like your .htaccess

It was interesting trying to manage the UNIX command line, but this really is a hell of a lot simpler than editing all of those apache2 .conf files when all you want to do is allow your WordPress server to write canonical links!

The WordPress.org help file for which this tip may be useful can be found at the address: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks

Let me know if this helped!