Featured National Excellence in Teaching Award


Give them Hope

My last assembly presentation featuring one of my heroes and an exhortation to my students to be their wonderful selves.

/ December 5, 2016

Deus ex Machina

Presentation to the Sunday Times Festival of Education, exploring the “God in the Machine”. The notion that it is through setting up a class environment that...

/ June 20, 2014

Who I am, What I do.

This piece was written as a contribution to Rory Gallagher‘s “Who I am, What I do” teachers’ personal testimony blog. My path to the classroom...

/ May 31, 2014

Tangled in the Scaffolding

Teaching writing is one of the greatest joys and challenges of the English domain. Along the way, you encounter, acquire and discard many approaches and...

/ January 20, 2013