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Author: Christopher Waugh

Grant More Freedom

This journal entry was written as part of the first #blogsync, an initiative in the synchronisation of online journals by UK Educational professionals. The first...

/ January 31, 2013

Tangled in the Scaffolding

Teaching writing is one of the greatest joys and challenges of the English domain. Along the way, you encounter, acquire and discard many approaches and...

/ January 20, 2013
Don't kill your brilliant teachers

Build a Brilliant Teacher

When a teacher fails, it’s “mea culpa”; when we succeed, it’s “didn’t the students do well?” Something that struck me when listening to John Hattie...

/ December 15, 2012
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Why should my students blog?

Two days ago the long-awaited installation of internet-connected devices landed in my underground classroom. The buzz was palpable. My students, unable to contain their enthusiasm,...

/ October 7, 2012